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Maxvoice Contact Central Platform is your one-stop shop for all your contact center needs. Our end-to-end cloud contact center solution is powered by a new class of massively scalable contact center technology, and features are delivered to you as a service using internet technologies.

While most system integrators or solution providers require you to piece together solutions from different hardware and software vendors, Maxvoice is your one point of contact for a comprehensive set of call center modules such as IVR, ACD, Recording, Predictive, Progressive and Preview Outbound, Call Details Reports for even the most demanding scenarios.

MCCP is built from the ground up to be a true Cloud Contact Center SaaS. Our advanced cloud platform is reliable, secure and robust. MCCP makes your switch to Cloud much simpler and your contact center instantly reaps the benefits of Agility, Flexibility and Scalability. Say goodbye to the old days for all the high capital cost, long implementation time, complex infrastructure and inefficient resources planning.


With Maxvoice Contact Central Platform (MCCP), your organization will enjoy these benefits using our SaaS:

  • Access latest technology without high capital cost investment
  • Future proof your contact center technology
  • Simplify the implementation process
  • Enjoy much shorter time to market
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Opex vs Capex, “Pay as you go” model
  • Access from anywhere using virtualized communication platform


Maxvoice Contact Central Platform is contact management infrastructure in the cloud offering:

  • IVR in the Cloud
  • Inbound ACD in the Cloud
  • Outbound Dialer in the Cloud
    • Preview
    • Progressive
    • Predictive
  • Scripting tools (IVR and Screen)
  • Historical and real time MIS reports
  • Agent desktop management tools
  • Tenant self-administration

We work hand-in-hand with you on the applications design and implementation, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing communication infrastructure. Whether you are looking for inbound or outbound cloud contact center solutions, MCCP has a choice of standard and professional solutions tailored to your needs. Let Maxvoice designs the right solutions for you. Contact us.

Maxvoice Contact Central Platform

Inbound Contact Center Services

Empower customer service excellence

Your inbound contact center is often your customers’ first touch point. Your contact center’s availability and reliability are key to delighting your customers. We assure your piece of mind with our secure and robust cloud contact center solutions - the Maxvoice Contact Central Platform.

Meeting your business needs

Our end-to-end solutions are highly flexible and scalable, making it easy to set up and adjust the business needs of your inbound contact center. We deliver our solutions in days and weeks, rather than months. Our efficient time to delivery significantly increases your agility and time to market.

Management information reports

Our systems offer intuitive reporting tools with the ability to generate high level statistics as well as down to the minute operational details so that your manager can make informed decisions to optimize your inbound contact center operation and review customer service strategy


  • Design tool for Interactive Voice Response
  • Skill based, queue based, priority based routings
  • Supervisor functions (silent monitoring, whispering/ coaching, barge-in)
  • On-demand / 100% voice recording
  • Phone agents (login as an agent via your landline or mobile phone)
  • Management reports (automatic call distribution, queue, agent performance, call details reports)

Maxvoice Contact Central Platform

Outbound Contact Center Services

Choose a dialing mode that suits your business

We offer four outbound dialing modes - Agentless, Preview, Progressive and Predictive – so you can choose one that fits your sales or campaign goals and strategy. Our predictive dialer is well recognized to be compliant with the strict automated dialing regulations in Europe and US. With regulation imminent in Asia, your outbound contact center will be well prepared to this change in market environment.

Boost your contact center productivity

Our feature-rich automated dialer in predictive mode boost efficiency of your agents and more than doubled the amount of time your agents talk to prospects, leading to higher chances of closing the deal.

Instant report on business results

At the press of a button, managers can generate detailed reports about agent performance, sales campaign results and gain insights into customer behavior. Our easy to use reporting tools allow managers to get real-time data for making agile business decisions and drive results.


  • Leads import, filtering and distribution to TSR team leaders and members
  • Outbound dialing modes : Agentless, Preview, Progressive and Predictive
  • Outbound IVR for debt collections, special event / marketing event announcement, surveys etc
  • MIS reports include agent performance reports, call detail reports, sales performance reports

Voice Recording

To ensure effective and efficient management of a call center, call recording is an indispensable tool to:

  • comply with industry regulations
  • make it easier to avoid and settle disputes
  • monitor quality of customer interactions
  • identify agents’ training needs

Depending on your business needs, we offer scalable and fail-safe recording options that seamlessly integrate with the telephony platforms you are currently using, whether it be:

  1. Analog phone type
  2. Digital phone system
  3. IP phone system

We understand system availability is a key concern when considering voice recording, our voice recording solutions offers not just recording, but other enhanced features delivering 100% voice recording and 100% screen capture. This fail-safe and scalable architecture ensures high business continuity and ability to accommodate change, especially critical for financial institutions or other industry that requires regulatory compliance.


  • Both web-based and client-based solutions
  • 100% voice recording & 100% screen capture
  • Playback of voice and screen for review in sync
  • Real time monitoring of screen and voice
  • Ability to support Digital, Analog, IP recording on a single server - hybrid solution
  • Ability to support high capacity in a single Intel based server
  • High compression for voice & screen capture

Call Center Headsets

We carry a full range of professional wired or wireless call center headsets that strike a balance between professional level acoustic requirements and cost-conscious affordability. You can choose from a wide range of headset solutions, including monaural or binaural, over-the-head or over-the-ear models that are designed to connect to PABX, IP or Unified Communications.

Contact Us. for the right headset solution for your contact center

Introducing the latest true DECT wireless headset DW1-M

DW1-M is a sturdy unit made to a high standard quality to ensure it can withstand tough office use but its real strength is the quality of the signal, especially for a wireless device. This multi-platform DECT headset is designed for those who work better when they move around, and is one of the best cordless headsets in its price range.

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TeleCare for ageing in place

Automated Care Engagement System

Reaching Out Daily To The Elderly Community


Daily telephone check-in calls to assess elderly’s needs and capabilities. Multiple daily calls could also be made as reminder to take medication, grooming, eating, upcoming medical appointment or even cold weather warming.


Elderly receives pre-recorded check-up calls, reminder to take their medication, grooming, and eating enough to maintain their health. Readily and easily able to alert and request call-back to care organisation from the comfort of their homes, with the knowledge of emergency escalation will automatically be activated when calls are not answered.


The automated system can extend to provide a community network of care and caring through pre-configured alerts that are shared with NGO, caregivers and patient’s family. They say, "By improving the continuity of care, home telehealth care reduces crises that may lead to hospitalisation and lower the health care spending associated with unmet needs of care.”

Automated Care Engagement System

Home monitor by phone - Point of Care
Tackling elderly isolation, loneliness & providing care through proactive check-up calls

Click to download "Telecare for ageing in place"
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